Arizona Ranks Third Highest Growth Rate in the Nation

The U.S. Census Bureau has released their estimates for 2019 growth rates, and Arizona ranks 3rd highest in the nation! Preceding Utah (1.66), Texas (1.28), Washington(1.2), Colorado(1.18), Oregon(0.8), and New Mexico(0.19), Arizona became host to over 120,000 new residents! From 2018 to 2019 it’s growth rate is estimated at close to 1.7 percent, making Arizona a hotspot moving destination!

What Factors Have Made Arizona a Hotspot Moving Destination?

Since 2015 Arizona has added more than 300,000 Jobs to the market. The state has also taken the initiative to invest in what matters most to citizens, such as K-12 public education, public safety and our roads and bridges.

The state has ranked in economic momentum, personal income growth, job growth, and population growth.

  • No. 4 in Economic Momentum
  • No. 3 in Personal Income Growth
  • No. 5 in Job Growth
  • No. 4 in Population Growth

“Arizona’s budget is balanced, our economy is booming and we have more people choosing our state than nearly anywhere in the country,” said Governor Doug Ducey. “With more people and more jobs, Arizona is investing in the things that really matter, like our K-12 public schools, public safety and roads and bridges. The credit goes to the entrepreneurs, innovators, educators, law enforcement officers, volunteers and more who make Arizona the best state to live, work, play and get an education.”

Our Team is so proud to call Arizona home! If you are looking to make the move to our beautiful state, we would love to help you find the perfect home!

New Year, New Home!

-The Rigo Team

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