Thinking of Making the Move to Arizona?

For those looking to relocate, making the move to Arizona may more popular than expected. The Grand Canyon state has so much to offer residents, from breathtaking sunsets, countless hiking trails, and beautiful winters. For many around the U.S., Arizona’s summer temps may be the first idea to come to mind.. but this may not be the case after all! In a recent study completed by Storage Cafe, Arizona was ranked No. 7 most popular moving destination in the country.

This ranking was gathered through the 2018 US Census Bureau. Eight states were ranked most popular moving destinations by number of recorded relocations, Arizona being a competitive No. 7.

  1. Florida 590,000 
  2. Texas 564,000 
  3. California 500,000 
  4. North Carolina 320,000 
  5. Georgia 274,000+ 
  6. Virginia 274,000 
  7. Arizona 273,000 
  8. Washington 260,000

California was a primary state of origin for individuals relocating to the valley, accounting for 68,516 of relocated U.S. citizens. The average cost to make the move to Arizona from California was $3300-$3600 according to United Van Lines.

The study also analyzed moving patterns and routes used by Americans relocating around the U.S. California to Arizona was ranked in the top three most popular moving routes.

The Rigo Team would love to help you and your family make Arizona home. Relocating can be a stressful process, but we can assist you throughout the entire process.

Margy & The Rigo Team

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